Light-matter interactions not only lie in the heart of extremely rich physics but can also be harvested with great potential for applications ranging from all optical logic circuits and on-chip quantum information processing, to cryptography and quantum metrology.
The Experimental Quantum Nanoscience Lab specializes in three particular research topics:

Physics and applications of polariton condensates in microcavities

  • All-optical control of polariton fluids
  • Novel topological entities and topologically protected computing
  • Emulation of complex systems using polariton condensates

Solid-state quantum systems for quantum information and nanophotonics

  • Coherent qubit control in scalable quantum emitter platforms: Site-controlled quantum-dots and silicon-vacancies in diamond
  • Enhanced light-matter interactions at single quantum level
  • Nanophotonic applications with III-V materials and diamond

Hybrid polariton-quantum dot platforms for scalable quantum hardware

  • Development / investigation of a hybrid Polariton / Quantum dot system
  • Use of excitonic quantum nonlinearities for scalable single / two qubit gates
  • Development of fundamental components for on-chip quantum processors
Artistic take on the coherent control setup